Stikwood: Update Your Walls With This Easy DIY Solution

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Stikwood: Update Your Walls With This Easy DIY Solution

Jill Ragan Scully

I love these new samples I received from stikwood. I can't seem to decide which project to tackle first though. Would you like a sample of your own for a potential project? I can hook you up! . Email us at for more information.

Stikwood is the world’s first Peel & Stik reclaimed and sustainable wood planking. Founded in 2012 by Jerry and Laura McCall, the company is the product of a deeply held belief that design can be both beautiful and resourceful.

As an innovator in the woodworking industry and a master woodworker himself, Jerry has long understood the pivotal role technology plays in reducing waste and protecting our natural environment. Jerry’s deep appreciation of wood’s distinct ability to transform décor naturally led him to utilizing wood planking which traditionally has been a labor-intensive and costly endeavor. Armed with 30 years experience and an ever-present willingness to try new things, Jerry developed the innovative product now known as Stikwood.

Stikwood products include Peel and Stik wood planking and wall art ideal for the commercial and residential design markets. Made from reclaimed and sustainable woods sourced from various locations in the U.S., Stikwood products boast the natural beauty that only time and the forces of nature can provide. With its remarkably simple Peel and Stik installation process, Stikwood brings the look of wood planking within reach as a fast and cost-effective interior design solution. Text taken from the website 

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