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Antique Drapery Hardware Price Increase 8-10%- effective February 28th

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 9:02 AM | Jill Ragan Scully (Administrator)

Market Conditions Drive Increase in Product Pricing for 2022

In response to the ongoing rapid rise in the cost of labor, materials, supplies, shipping, and other operating expenses affecting all U.S. businesses in this period of inflation, ADR will implement an adjustment in the prices of most of its products effective February 28.

Generally, prices were increased 8-10%; however, adjustments were considered on a product-by-product basis, so some increased more while others were unchanged. Our web site will reflect these adjustments next Monday, February 28. The new pricing also is present in the 2022 Product Guide which will be available in March.

ADR is committed to selling exclusively to the trade and delivering a steady supply of an expansive selection of fine quality drapery hardware. Every ADR employee keeps a constant eye on quality and shares a personal responsibility for ensuring you have a premium experience with our company. We appreciate your understanding and are grateful for every order you send our way.

Thank You!

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